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Amelia and Natalie participate in the Donor Run 0

Amelia and Natalie participate in the Donor Run

On the 29th of July Amelia and Natalie participated in the Donor Run travelling all the way from Wilmslow, England to take part. After overcoming her kidney transplant 5 years ago, Amelia finds running...

Anne_McTaggart 1

Q&A With Anne McTaggart

On Friday 7th July a few of us went into the Glasgow City Chambers to talk to Anne McTaggart who, when she was in parliament, was working hard to get a soft opt-out organ...

Michelle Thomson Interview for #transplantstories 0

Michelle Thomson Interview for #transplantstories

Michelle Thomson works for Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire and was kind enough to give a few words regarding her personal role in the transplant games and what she is most looking forward for. Camera...