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Mike Keoghan : Aiming High 0

Mike Keoghan : Aiming High

Mike has travelled all the way from Cork, Ireland to represent Dublin in the Transplant Games. He is a very keen athlete, participating in both javelin and shotputt at the wishaw sports centre. His...

Anne_McTaggart 1

Q&A With Anne McTaggart

On Friday 7th July a few of us went into the Glasgow City Chambers to talk to Anne McTaggart who, when she was in parliament, was working hard to get a soft opt-out organ...

Michelle Thomson Interview for #transplantstories 0

Michelle Thomson Interview for #transplantstories

Michelle Thomson works for Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire and was kind enough to give a few words regarding her personal role in the transplant games and what she is most looking forward for. Camera...

Interview With Rosalyn Griffith 0

Interview With Rosalyn Griffith

Today We Interviewed Rosalyn Griffith,  Community Engagement Officer, About The Transplant Games And The Winners Medals She Helped To Develop! Interviewer: Laura Craig Camera: Kyle Curran Sound: Rebecca Anderson

Dave_Horner 0

Transplantee: Dave Horner

Dave Horner, 43, was an active, healthy man who managed and coached 2 children’s football teams but he wasn’t surprised when he was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease. Dave grew up watching his father...